New Stores Opening Fall 2017


Yorkdale Mall, Toronto

Sporting Life Set to Open Store in Yorkdale Mall and Second Location in Calgary’s Market Mall.

December , 2016 – TORONTO – Canada’s most prestigious sporting goods, lifestyle and “fash-letics” retailer Sporting Life announces a new store at Yorkdale Mall and its second western Canadian location in Calgary as part of its continued national expansion.

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All Things S’well

All images via S’well.

Keep your drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 with colourful reusable bottles from S’well. These bottles are sleek, stylish and practical. Whether you need cold water for a hot yoga session, coffee for your morning commute or champagne for a celebration, your S’well bottle will be there to quench your thirst. They are the perfect eco-friendly alternative to plastic bottles made of high-grade 18/8 pro-grade stainless steel. All S’well bottles are BPA-free, non-toxic and non-leaching.

Bottle Sizes

Available in three sizes, these bottles are perfectly sized and the mouth can fit most ice cubes. A standard sized cup holder is just the right size for a 9oz or 17oz bottle and a bottle of wine fits perfectly into a 25oz bottle. The bottles are triple walled and made with ThermaS’well technology that features an interior copper layer for a condensation-free exterior that won’t sweat on your hands or in your bag.

Spring Summer 2017 Collection


New season, new S’well! The new bright and colourful Spring/Summer 2017 S’well bottle collection is now in stores and online. The core classics like the Wood, Stone, Glitter and Shimmer collections remain in this seasons lineup featuring some new hues. Mouth-watering colours like eucalyptus and pomegranate have been added to the Satin collection and a limited edition Monochrome collection features black and white prints. Inspiration for the Textile collection was drawn from global fibres of India & Africa. The prints feature a semi-matte finish and encompass the artisanal effect of worldly trims. Bicoastal locations are illustrated in a shiny, high gloss finish to create a bold personal statement in the Destination collection.

Shop our favourite new prints and colours:

Cleaning your S’well Bottle: Bottle Brush


You will definitely be putting your S’well bottle to use, so it is important to clean it properly. Do not run your bottle through the dishwasher because this can cause the paint to chip and vacuum seal to become ineffective. Simply clean your bottle with a mixture of hot water and soap and use the S’well bottle brush to scrub inside. The handle is made of bamboo and 18/8 stainless steel and comes with a removable head that can be easily pulled off from the top of the handle. The brush is made to fit in all S’well bottle sizes for easy cleaning.

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Stay Safe From Commute to Cubicle


Be safe from commute to cubicle! Ready-to-wear reflective pieces paired with our tips on manoeuvering city bike lanes will have you flying from point A to point B in no time, all while being seen.

Have the Right Equipment

One of the simplest ways to stay safe on the road is to have the right bike accessories. This one speaks for itself – wear a helmet! As we discussed in this post, many helmets are now equipped with MIPS, which protect your head from multi directional impact. We hope you won’t need it, but you’ll be happy you had a helmet should something happen!

If you are riding within an hour of sunrise or sunset (which you likely are when it comes to a work commute), the law requires you to have a light on your bike. Your bike must also be equipped with a bell. These things seem like common sense, but they really do make all the difference when it comes to staying safe on your bike.

Pair all of these safety additions with a lightweight, comfortable bike from brands such as Cannondale, Giant and Liv, and you’ll be cruising with the best of the city cyclists.

Ride Smart

There are a few ways to ensure that you are safe while riding your bike to work:

Ride in the middle of the lane when appropriate, or at least a little to the left of the curb. If you are riding too close to the curb, cars at intersections ahead may have trouble seeing you. This also can keep cars from passing too close on a narrow road, or keep you from colliding with an open car door.

SIGNAL! Be sure to use proper road signals when making a turn. Just as you would in a car, you don’t want your movements to take other drivers by surprise. A mirror can also be helpful when it comes to shoulder checking.

Go old school and leave your headphones in your bag. Of course this is a personal choice, but it is best to minimize distractions and be fully aware of your surroundings while cycling in the city.

Avoid busy streets wherever possible. Sometimes the fastest route isn’t always the best – rush hour traffic can be dangerous for cyclists! If at all possible, try to map out a route that keeps you on side streets to encounter fewer & slower cars. This way you can cross busy intersections as opposed to riding on them.

Reflect, Reflect, Reflect

Add extra flair to your ride with reflective cyclewear. While many of our athletic cyclewear is reflective for road safety, Sporting Life carries a few key pieces that will keep you safe and take you straight from commute to cubicle.

Arc’teryx isn’t just for climbing wear and technical outerwear. The new A2B collection is designed for everyday living and urban commutes. As the first Gore-Tex garment in its category, the Women’s A2B Hardshell Blazer features a zipperless front design, integrated stowable reflective surfaces at the cuffs and under the collar. Made from soft, and sheds rain and wind, making it perfect for the urban cyclist. Learn more in this product knowledge video:

Levi’s Commuter is another favourite when it comes to urban cyclewear. The Men’s 511™ Commuter Jean features water resistant and dirt repellent NanoSphere® technology with Sanitized® odor protection, reflective tape on interior cuffs, U-lock storage, and utility pockets. Pretty much everything you could want from a pair of jeans!


Arc'teryx Women's A2B Hardshell Blazer
Arc’teryx Women’s A2B Hardshell Blazer
Arc'teryx Women's A2B Skort
Arc’teryx Women’s A2B Skort
Levi's Men's 511™ Commuter Jean
Levi’s Men’s 511™ Commuter Jean


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Adjust Your Altitude: Hiking 101

While our Calgary community is lucky enough to have scenic mountain trails and some of the best hiking in Canada, Ontario has some beautiful hiking spots that are perfect for the beginner hiker. You don’t have to be an experienced outdoorsman to get out and enjoy nature! We’re sharing some of the best places in the Toronto area to go for a hike, some tips for the first-time hiker, as well as the gear you will need to make the most of your adventure.


5 Beautiful Beginner Hikes in the GTA

Scarborough Bluffs Park
Before leaving the city entirely, why not stop by the beautiful Scarborough Bluffs Park right here in Toronto? The Bluffs offer stunning views of Lake Ontario and the beautiful bluffs. The trails are not difficult and are easily accessible, and sandy beaches await you once you’re done your hike.

Webster’s Falls Conservation Area
Who knew that some of Ontario’s most stunning waterfalls were located just outside of Hamilton? Take a walk down beautiful trails towards Webster’s Falls and Tew’s Falls – totally Instagram-worthy! After chasing waterfalls, hop on up to Dundas Peak for a beautiful panoramic view of Hamilton.

Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area
While you probably won’t see any rattlesnakes, this conservation area in Milton allows you to seek some extra adventure. If you’ve been practicing your hiking and are feeling a bit more advanced, explore some of the hidden caves or partake in some rock climbing! While this hike is most beautiful in the fall, it isn’t the worst thing to look out upon miles and miles of green trees!

Elora Gorge
Elora is a bit off the beaten path for Torontonians, but it is totally worth it to make the trip this summer. This trail is perfect for all age groups – ideal for a family weekend or a beginner hike. While you’re there, stop by the Elora Quarry and take a dip in the blue-green water, or partake in some kayaking!

Bruce Trail
Did you know that the Bruce Trail is Canada’s oldest and longest foot path? This trail stretches for over 800km from the Niagara River all the way to Tobermory! You can enter at various points throughout Ontario, and walk for as long or short of a distance as you like. The closest entrance point to Toronto is just outside of Milton near Kelso Conservation Area, and the views are out of this world!

Hiking 101: Tips & Tricks

– Proper hiking gear is a must, especially for spring hikes. The weather is unpredictable, and you need to be prepared for whatever comes your way! Be sure to have these items in your wardrobe to make the most of your adventure:

  • Waterproof/windproof outer layer.
  • Base layers – moisture wicking fabrics to keep you warm (or cool!) and dry. This goes for socks too; bring extra, and go for a smart wool to keep your toes dry.
  • Hiking shoes – these don’t need to break the bank, but they are absolutely crucial for both seasoned and first-time hikers. Good shoes are the key to a fun and safe hike; keep your toes and ankles protected, especially on uneven terrain.
  • A lightweight, sturdy pack…especially when you need to shed some of those added layers!

– Convertible pieces can be your best friend…who doesn’t love pants that turn into shorts and back again? Adjust your outfit to suit the conditions at hand without leaving anything behind.

– As with any physical activity…HYDRATE! Be sure to bring enough water, no matter the length of your hike. Whether you prefer a colourful S’well that keeps your water cold for up to 24 hours or a hydration pack to keep your hands free, make sure you’re stocked up on H20.

– Similar to hydration, your body needs fuel to get through your trip. Give yourself an energy boost on the go with gels, chews or waffles available at our retail locations. They contain carbohydrates to keep you fueled, electrolytes that aid in hydration and amino acids that reduce mental fatigue!

– We mentioned the importance of a solid hiking shoe; be sure not to embark on your hike with brand new, stiff boots! Our friend Leigh from wrote a post about breaking in your hiking boots on her blog – check it out!


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Eco-Trend: Urban Farming

SS17 Campaign 37.jpg.crdownload
Image via Woolrich

With spring in full force, we are feeling a renewed commitment to saving the environment. Many of our favourite brands have put forth collections that emphasize sustainability (way to go, Columbia and Patagonia!) and this season, we are looking forward to finding other ways to become more eco-friendly.

An eco-trend that is popping up across the city is urban farming – we can get on board with the idea of gardening in the city! Despite a lack of surface area, earth lovers within the city limits have found ways to grow their own produce in a small home or condo. Save some money on groceries, save your body from GMOs and pesticides, and save the planet – this summer, try planting vegetables in your own backyard. Here are a few of the tips we’ve picked up from researching how to make urban farming happen.

What is Your Set-Up?

In order to get into urban farming, you do need a certain level of sunlight. The ideal direction is a South-facing garden without any obstructions – that way your plants receive light for the majority of the day. Second best is a West-facing set-up, as the sun will shine on your garden during the afternoon. While an East-facing garden isn’t impossible, it isn’t ideal as sun-loving plants won’t grow as well.

Once you’ve figured out your sun situation, the next step is deciding on the style of garden you are able to have. If you are in a condo, a small container garden may be your best bet. Go with a hanging planter to live on your balcony, or get creative and Pinterest-y with some rustic containers to bring out that farmer-chic style. If you happen to have a backyard, you are likely lucky enough to have room for a real garden! Using nothing but plywood and some good soil, you can craft your own garden box to suit your size needs – even a 4×4 raised garden bed can house a wide variety of delicious vegetables!

For either location, a vertical garden can be a great choice. Either make your own (spring DIY?) or find a multi-potted vertical planter at your local store. It looks beautiful with the various leaves poking out, and allows you to grow more plants with less square footage.

Images via Young Urban Farmers
Images via Young Urban Farmers
Pick the Right Crop

Just because your garden is small doesn’t mean that you’re stuck growing herbs (but don’t get us wrong – herbs are a great choice)! There are a variety of vegetables that will flourish in condo containers or small backyard gardens. Almost anything can be grown in a container as long as you are aware of spacing and don’t overcrowd your veggies. Bell peppers, hot peppers, peas, tomatoes, and lettuce are all easily grown in an urban setting. Add in some of your favourite herbs such as parsley or mint, and you’ll be ready for summer barbecues in no time!

Here’s a helpful tip to improve the taste of your tomatoes: plant them next to a basil plant! The basil will enhance the flavour of the tomato (and probably make you crave a homemade pizza).

Dress the Part

Just because you don’t live in the country doesn’t mean you can’t dress the part! If you plan on spending time outside tending to your garden, make sure that you are properly clothed for spring weather. A waterproof outer layer paired with convertible pieces will allow you to spend the day outdoors without feeling uncomfortably hot or cold. Columbia and Marmot’s convertible pants will take you from shorts to pants and back again with no effort at all, and a chic pair of overalls combines fashion and function, keeping your bottoms from sliding down while you are bending down closer to the earth.

Since you are dressing for an eco-friendly task, why not look to some of our eco-friendly brands? We have recently focused on the sustainable fashions put forth by Columbia and Patagonia, and are so proud to carry a wide variety of brands that are committed to saving our planet.




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Spring Jackets & Rubber Boots: A Re-Vamped Ode to Your Childhood

Article by guest blogger Julie Redmond.

Eat your heart out fashion enthusiasts. Spring is here which means it’s time to renew and re-establish relationships with your mind, body and closet. Dust off those rain coats and rubber boots because it’s starting to pour…tears of happiness for it’s a new fashion season. So, let’s start it off right with jackets and rubber boots!

Even though rubber boots are their own respective category of footwear and a shoe strong and versatile enough for the ages, I can’t help but think of the Sesame Street Rubber Ducky song or of a micro pig in rubber boots. I know I’m not as cute as either of those but the theme of this blog did give me an opportunity to splash around in puddles (sans rubber duck) and have some fun matching my wellies to some stylish spring sheaths. In my opinion, that gives rubber ducks and tiny pigs a run for their money.

Something that we typically don’t think about styling are rubber boots but, the best way to in fact style them is with a jacket! I might be stating the obvious but if it’s raining and you’re wearing boots, you’re probably going to want a jacket in tow. And if you’re like me, you might wear rubber boots when it’s not raining. (It’s all for the Instagram pics amiright?)

Style By JR 1

We are starting out strong with this classic fisherman’s inspired raincoat so naturally I’d pair it with overalls for a strong east coast vibe. Of course, there are many outfit alternatives for underneath but be advised that this is still very acceptable to wear even when you’re not catching fish.

Style By JR 2

This jacket and boot combination got me very excited because much like the Rubber Ducky song, it took me back to my childhood when all the kiddies had rubber boots and a polyurethane coat. Not to have this confused with the ever-daunting question, “am I too old for this outfit?” The answer is no…for some things. We can have fun with our fashion too and that’s the beauty in these two pieces. They are youthful enough for the youngsters yet graceful enough for the grownups.

Style By JR 3

Have fun with those weather shielding accessories too! This bubbled, birdcage umbrella lets me see where I’m walking, it doesn’t flip inside out when a gust of wind comes in hot and it is ever so perfectly coordinated with the boots. Let’s not forget, this is about fashion after all.


Style By JR 4

I’d like to move the focus slightly away from rubber boots and on to trendy trenches for a jiffy. I wanted to showcase a great way to style a beautifully blush jacket with pieces all in the same colour family. Monochromatic outfits are a thing of fashion’s future and I’m beyond excited that I got to do this in my favourite colour! I’ve paired them with a light colour sneaker mostly because it’s still wasn’t raining. Don’t get me wrong, I’d be pairing this outfit with my Hunters anytime but it’s great to see versatility especially head to toe in one colour because one may not have pink shoes.

Dressing head to toe in one colour takes a lot of pressure out of planning an outfit because you’re only working with one colour palette. This also gives you an opportunity to add some colour into your wardrobe. Everyone has a black, navy blue or grey jacket. Now, there is nothing wrong with that, I myself have many in those shades but pink can still be timeless as well. You would wear a black coat with black pants and a black top so do the same with other colours. Have fun my fashion friends!

Style By JR 5

Don’t be afraid to plan your outfits starting with your outerwear. We often view our outerwear as a function over fashion which makes sense but why can’t it be both? It can be and it is. We invest in these pieces that protect us so make use of them.

Style By JR 6

Some of you might be inquisitive about this outfit. I myself am very inspired by it. I felt there was a lot I could do so why not just take it over the top? Says the girl who’s worn a faux ostrich feather coat on top of overalls with a glittery belt and metallic socks paired with silver high heels. And that’s just a normal day so this is quite dressed down for me.

Style By JR 7

The bomber style track jacket is something we saw hitting the street fashion trends a couple seasons ago and they’re back in full force. Designers are using this an opportunity to play around with prints, patterns, textures and update previous designs from their collections. This is a Juicy Couture piece you guys! I bet you weren’t expecting that. This isn’t Mean Girls circa 2004 anymore. They are updating and retailing for all the right reasons!

We are also seeing a lot of the floral and athletic stripe combinations straight from the runways to street style. If this bomber and the graffiti wall behind me don’t scream #streetstyle then I’m doing something wrong.


Style By JR 8

It finally rained! Well, it snowed and then melted but naturally I’d take an obligatory jump-in-the-puddle pic! Oh, to be a kid again. As these images were being taken, a gentleman walked by and stated that my parents would be upset I’m playing in puddles. Well sir, even if they are, it was worth it!

The point that I’d like to make with this outfit is the weather changes in five minutes or less but you can still be chic while staying somewhat dry. There have been numerous times I’ve been caught in a rainstorm in shorts but there is no rule against wearing rubber boots and a raincoat with shorts or a skirt or a dress. Ok, my stems might get a little wet but I’m not mad. Clearly! Look how much fun I’m having!

Style By JR 9

The most beautiful part about this jacket is, just like when we were kids, we can roll this up and turn it into a fanny pack! Voila! Compactable for when the skies stop crying and we get to bring back that rockin’ 90’s trend.

Style By JR 10

I’d like to take our attention back to the gentleman who said I was essentially acting like a child in the puddles. I truly was not offended by that but what he doesn’t know is that it wouldn’t matter if I was splish, splashing away or rolling in mud because I have boot shine! (Insert infomercial product revealing sound effects here.) I bet a lot of you didn’t know you could shine and protect your rubber boots. I didn’t know until recently either and I’m never looking back. The product shown is specific to the shiny boots but there are protectants for matte finished ones too. I believe this is crucial because this style of shoe takes a big hit, much like our winter boots. They guard us from the elements so in turn, we should take care of them. We spray, polish and wipe away the salt stains from our UGGS and Sorels so please do the same with your rubberized kicks. I’m not joking when I say this was the easiest shoe clean I have ever done. That says a lot because you don’t need a lot of elbow grease to polish your shoes.

Style By JR 11

I’m fearless in these boots! Seriously, this was a deep puddle and I was just on the shoreline.

This look is a more classic and practical combination but there’s a twist. Rose. Gold. Hardware. And now it just went up ten points on the fashion scale. What I love so much about this jacket is I can easily wear it with jeans and a t-shirt while I’m out and about but I could also sport this for a dressier event. The rose gold immediately spices it up in all the right ways and I can control the shape of the silhouette with the waist tie. It is also navy blue so it’s not obnoxious but it’s also not the same black jacket that everyone else has. No offence.

Style By JR 12

This trench immediately transports me to London Town, especially with my walking stick umbrella. Sophisticated and well-travelled, right?

Style By JR 13

Here’s a closer look at the beautiful details of this jacket. The popped-collar is extra popped because I tucked the hood in it making it stand closer to the heavens. Having rose gold hardware, well, need I say more? I practically lunged at this piece when I saw it because this really sets it apart from other outerwear.


So, whether it’s a trench, bomber, raincoat or fanny pack-able jacket, tall rubber boot, short rubber boot, shiny or matte, take advantage of the changing season and the extreme uncertainty of the climate. There is so much opportunity for creative combos and don’t forget, these pieces are meant to be worn in the elements so go ahead and splash around!


style by jr

C81HVCAUQAAPnDYJulie is a Calgary-based fashion stylist with a background in event management and administration. She is a sparkle-loving, gold enthusiast who had a vision of styling more than just herself. While working for a leading boutique public relations agency in Calgary, she was recognized by top-tier clients to assist with their styling needs. Balancing current trends with classic pieces, Julie will ensure your wardrobe is a genuine reflection of your unique personality while helping you radiate an inner self confidence. Regardless of age or body type, Julie will help you feel your absolute best through a relaxed and comfortable process.

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ECO Style: Patagonia

This Spring, shop our selection of environmentally friendly products from Patagonia.  Patagonia is committed to building the best product while causing no unnecessary harm and using business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis. Now more than ever, it is important to consider our environment when choosing our clothing and we are proud to offer a variety of Patagonia products that are bluesign approved, fair trade certified and made with traceable down.

S17_Photo rights expire August 1, 2017: Mark and Kate Rutherford in the father-daughter dish pit. Togiak National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska.

Reasons to Love Patagonia
  1. Eco-friendly brand
  2. Producers of numerous award winning pieces
  3. Gives back to many charitable initiatives to protect our planet
Why We Believe in Patagonia

Bluesign Approved
In 2007, Patagonia became the first brand to officially join the network of bluesign system partners. Patagonia employs methods and materials in their manufacture that conserve resources and minimize impacts on people and the environment. The bluesign system is the solution for sustainable textile production. It eliminates harmful substances right from the beginning of the manufacturing process and sets and controls standards for an environmentally friendly and safe production. Learn more about the bluesign system here.

Fair Trade Certified
Patagonia is out to change the industry. Fair Trade is a tool used by Patagonia to raise workers’ wages, improve their standard of living and move them closer to earning a living wage. A premium is paid for every Fair Trade Certified item that carries Patagonia. That extra money goes directly to the workers at that factory, and they decide how to spend it. The program also promotes worker health and safety and social and environmental compliance, and encourages dialog between workers and management.

Traceable Down Standard
Patagonia down products contain only Traceable Down. This means that the company traces the source of down from parent farm to apparel factory to help ensure that birds are not force-fed or live-plucked. The Traceable Down Standard provides the highest assurance of animal welfare in the apparel industry.

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Road Bikes and the RTCC

For 10 years, The Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer has raised money for incredible causes devoted to ending cancer. This decade has seen breakthroughs in cancer research and saved countless lives – the 2017 ride serves as a celebration for all of those successes! Join thousands of other Canadians – and the Sporting Life community, if you’re riding in Ontario or Alberta – and ride towards the common goal of conquering cancer in our lifetime. Register for the Ride to Conquer Cancer here.

Sporting Life is proud to sponsor both the Ontario and Alberta RTCC. We are also proud to have all of the essentials you need for this two day, 200+ km ride; it is crucial to have the right bike and the right gear to keep you riding strong all weekend!


When selecting your ride, pick the road bike with the right features for you. We delve further into the hottest bikes for 2017 here – there is so much to consider when choosing the perfect bike! The Giant Contend SL1‘s disc-brake integration means confident braking in variable road and weather conditions, making it an ideal choice for a Canadian road race. The Specialized Roubaix Elite allows you to ride longer and ride fresher – its disc brakes offer greater consistency and control, perfect for a weekend of hard riding. The Cannondale Synapse Disc 105 offers comfort, performance, and versatility, making it the ideal ride for a long race. The Cannondale CAAD12 105 is the ultimate performance bike – it is not just the finest alloy racing bike ever made, it is the only choice for those who know bikes!

Proper cyclewear will be your best friend during the RTCC. As you ride strong towards that well-deserved finish line, your apparel needs to be there to support you. Moisture wicking, highly breathable fabrics will keep sweat away from your skin as you charge towards your goal, and a high quality bib short will maximize comfort on a long day’s ride.


When it comes to bike accessories, there are a few things that you can’t forget when heading into race weekend!

Helmet: As always, a helmet is a must – especially when you are riding amongst thousands of other riders! Keep your head protected with the right helmet (MIPS is recommended!)

Cycle Shoes: The right shoes are also important for the RTCC. You need something supportive and resilient while also being flexible and lightweight. Your energy should be put into your pedals, not into foot pain or discomfort!

Bike Light: For a weekend ride, you will also want to look into a light for your bike. With early morning start times and unpredictable weather conditions, a lightweight and water resistant light will ensure you are visible at all points of your ride.


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ECO Style: Columbia’s Outdry Extreme Eco Jackets

This Spring, shop Columbia’s earth-smart raingear that does good for our planet and offers high quality protection against the elements. Now more than ever, it is important to consider our environment when choosing our clothing. Sporting Life is proud to carry the Outdry Extreme Eco Jackets for men and women, that are dedicated to protecting our forests.

Features and Facts

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 9.33.45 AM

  1. 100% recycled fabric made from 21 plastic bottles
  2. No PFCs sre intentionally used in this product. (May contain trace amounts)
  3. Made from dye-free fabric which saves over 13 gallons/51 liters of water when compared to a standard dyed jacket.
  4. Dry wicking fabric with advanced moisture management
  5. Outdry Extreme: No wet out with ultimate breathability.
  6. Fabricated with recycled trim. Labels, toggles, zipper pulls, thread and eyelets are all made from 100% recycled content.



Columbia’s Outdry Extreme Eco Jackets are bluesign® approved.

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 9.42.38 AM

bluesign® product labeled textiles contain components that are resource saving and sustainably manufactured according to the bluesign® criteria. That includes not only fabrics but also accessories such as as zippers, buttons, buckles etc. Furthermore, the suppliers and manufacturers have been verified for their compliance with the bluesign® standards controlled by bluesign® experts.

Pair your Columbia Outdry Extreme Eco Jacket with this eco-friendly backpack from Fjällräven!

Since it’s debut in 1978, the classic Kanken backpack from Fjällräven has been a popular staple. Now with the environment in mind, the Re-Kanken backpack is made entirely from polyester that’s recycled from 11 plastic bottles and dyed with SpinDye technology that radically reduces the amount of water, energy and chemicals used. This timeless accessory now saves our precious natural resources and is an every day companion with the same genius design as the original ready to  be carried and travelled with and recycled again in the distant future.

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Get Out and Run: Competitive Runner

Reach for new limits and feel the magic of the trails & pavement this spring. It’s time to get your runner’s high and blast through any challenge that comes your way. It is important to invest in comfort that will keep you running longer and faster. Up the ante with technical gear from Sporting Life and enjoy your best running season yet!


A running maven knows the importance of a good shoe. Run longer than ever before with these heavy-duty styles that offer lightweight support to have you feeling like you’re running on a cloud.

Complete your running gear wardrobe with advanced technical pieces that will keep sweat and other elements out. Breathable fabric will keep you comfortable through every mile and will keep you cool as you glide through the wind during a late night or early morning run.

Don’t forget to fuel and hydrate!

It is important to fuel your body before and after you run. It is recommended to eat about 1.5 hours before your run to give your body time to digest and provide your body with needed energy. It is recommended to eat roughly 30-45 minutes after your workout. Fuel tired muscles with our GU energy drink mixes, gel and chews created for daily graining. They contain carbohydrates to keep you fueled, electrolytes that aid in hydration and amino acids that reduce mental fatigue and decrease muscle damage. Try Honey Stinger energy chews and waffles for an energy boost on the go. You can easily store all of your snacks as you run with a handy Spibelt that clips at your waist for hands-free convenience.

Hydration is just as important as being well-fueled. Drink up to 20oz of water prior to your run and continue to drink water as you run to avoid dehydration. We have a large variety of water bottles to suit everyone’s needs and taste. Shop our picks that will keep you hydrated all run long!

Feeling inspired to hit the roads and trails this season? Take your running to the next level and run to support kids affected by cancer at this year’s Sporting Life 10k! Sign up for our races in Toronto, Ottawa and Calgary. Not sure how to prepare for the race? We’re sharing 10 steps to running the Sporting Life 10k – read here!

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Get Out and Run: Seasoned Runner

Spring is here, the air is crisp and it’s time to stride back into your running regimen! Train harder than ever before and hit the pavement and trails with essential running gear from Sporting Life. Let the fresh air fill your lungs as you strive for longer distances and greater speed. Embrace this running season and make it the best one yet!


For the experienced runner, give your run routine a boost with running shoes that will take you the extra mile. These styles are built to last and offer structured cushioning & support with every stride.

You already have the running gear basics, so it’s time to invest in technical gear that will protect you against the elements and help you be seen. A reflective running jacket and a running top in a bright colour are great options for night running. Try a lightweight, sweat wicking running hat to keep you cool and shaded from the sun!

Don’t forget to fuel and hydrate!

It is important to fuel your body before and after you run. It is recommended to eat about 1.5 hours before your run to give your body time to digest and provide your body with needed energy. It is recommended to eat roughly 30-45 minutes after your workout. Fuel tired muscles with our GU energy drink mixes, gel and chews created for daily graining. They contain carbohydrates to keep you fueled, electrolytes that aid in hydration and amino acids that reduce mental fatigue and decrease muscle damage. Try Honey Stinger energy chews and waffles for an energy boost on the go. You can easily store all of your snacks as you run with a handy Spibelt that clips at your waist for hands-free convenience.

Hydration is just as important as being well-fueled. Drink up to 20oz of water prior to your run and continue to drink water as you run to avoid dehydration. We have a large variety of water bottles to suit everyone’s needs and taste. Shop our picks that will keep you hydrated all run long!

Feeling inspired to hit the roads and trails this season? Take your running to the next level and run to support kids affected by cancer at this year’s Sporting Life 10k! Sign up for our races in Toronto, Ottawa and Calgary. Not sure how to prepare for the race? We’re sharing 10 steps to running the Sporting Life 10k – read here!


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