New Stores Opening Fall 2017


Yorkdale Mall, Toronto

Sporting Life Set to Open Store in Yorkdale Mall and Second Location in Calgary’s Market Mall.

December , 2016 – TORONTO – Canada’s most prestigious sporting goods, lifestyle and “fash-letics” retailer Sporting Life announces a new store at Yorkdale Mall and its second western Canadian location in Calgary as part of its continued national expansion.

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Powder Time in the Rockies

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Article by guest blogger Powder Matt.

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Treat Yourself

Not surprising is the fact that more than 70% of what we do is motivated by rewards. But it is not just that bonanza goal of getting a bigger home or new car, as these benefits are less regular. What really provides your inner fire the fuel it needs to charge is positive weekly or monthly treats. Not only do you reap the goodness of having something to look forward to, but the benefit of the recharge or adventure is super awesome for you.

Make Powder your pleasure this month! Forge new friendships, play in a big-mountain playground, fly into Calgary International, or head out on a road-trip to British Columbia that will provide that beneficial disconnect you need and flavor your face with powder, at one of these famed pleasers. Now let’s get on with our Sporting Life.

British Columbia is Calling!
Golden Plate.

Kicking Horse Mountain Resort, only 6 feet shorter than Jackson Hole, a rugged place, earn your badge of courage here, challenge yourself to champagne powder in one of the over 80 chutes, enjoying North America’s fourth biggest vertical.

Chatter Creek, one of North America’s largest cat skiing operations, a vast area, imagine you and only 36 friends on close to 60,000 acres of your own private powder playground.

Purcell Heli Skiing, offers you the triple threat, enjoy deep and dry Purcell powder, with some of the most experienced guides in the heli skiing industry and a vast terrain spread across a region famous for snow. There is a reason this is where heli skiing was started.

Photo 2015-02-22, 12 16 37 PM
Fernie Flavour.

Get to know Fernie Alpine Resort, the leader in the Canadian Rockies. Bigger than its Banff cousins, Fernie offers more runs to enjoy, deeper snow to play in and more vertical for thigh burning fun. Plus enjoy that ski in and ski out lodging which makes any ski vacation sweeter.

Fernie Wilderness Adventures, cool vibes, and down right deep snow, make this the best value in cat skiing in Canada. Professional guides will get you some deep fun and you’ll make friends for life inside the cab sharing tales of deep turns. Stay in four star Lizard Creek Lodge, enjoy some days skiing Fernie Alpine Resort in preparation for your deep turns with Fernie Wilderness Adventures.

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Powder tips for making the most of your week in the Rockies.

You Eastern skiers have got this one.

Just like skiing hard-pack or running a GS course, you have to have a balanced stance on your skis. Feel the front of your boot, specifically pressure on your shins vs your calf. Don’t get in the back seat, sitting back, you’ll spend more time digging out than enjoying the bliss of floating run after run.

Yoga and Powder Have Flow
Movement or flow is vital to keeping the skis moving in deep snow. Get some speed and keep the momentum moving forward and you are good to go.

Ski Size Matters
The ski pros at Sporting Life can assist here. Fat or wide skis, will not only make it easier to enjoy your powder turns but they also conserve energy, so you can enjoy more vertical.

Don’t Fight
Let the gear work for you. You got this, let the skis move, remember that flow is key and a bit of speed, you’ll be making famous powder eights in the snow in no time!

PowderMatt-250x300Powder Matt is hooked on Powder! Skiing has been part of his life for 40yrs! From ski racing to backcountry touring there is not a part of skiing that he does not like- in fact he will often say that spending a day in the mountains ‘Life is good when you do what you enjoy’ or refer you to his motto Eat.Sleep.Ski . He has been working in the Ski Resort business for over 20 years. He is the Senior Vice President, Resort Experience, at Resorts of the Canadian Rockies. He looks forward to your comments. Make it a Powder Day!

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Explore the Outdoors With Our Favourite Family Day Activities


Family Day is almost here! While everyone loves a long weekend, we particularly love that Canadians are given a day off in order to spend quality time with family. This long weekend is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with your fam and appreciate all of the amazing things that Canadian winter has to offer (hello, Winterlude!). Today we’re listing 3 activities you can do with your family this Family Day; whether you’ll be on the slopes, by the fire, or getting outside, we hope that you have a wonderful weekend with your loved ones!

On the Slopes

The ultimate Family Day pastime! We love the idea of spending the whole day on the slopes with your family – whether you’re just starting out or you’re a family of expert racers! Be sure to stay warm and cozy on the hill in order to make the most of your day. Layer up with technical baselayers, and find the perfect ski jacket to get you through the season. (PS – have you thought about taking advantage of our ski & stay pecial with Panorama Resort?)


By the Fire

After a long day on the slopes, what’s better than getting cozy in front of the fire? Bundle up in your favourite loungewear and spend some quality time with your loved ones, all while enjoying the crackling heat of a fireplace. We suggest leaving the devices in another room and enjoying each other’s company tech-free!

Get Outside

Is skiing not your thing? No worries. Our new favourite winter activity is snowshoeing! It is the ultimate workout (your legs may be unhappy for a day or two afterwards) and it allows you to experience the slopes without high speed equipment. It’s also a fun way to experience the outdoors as a family – anyone can snowshoe! The leisurely pace of snowshoeing lets you slow down and appreciate the beautiful Canadian winter around you.

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Stay Warm at Winterlude

If you are not sure how to spend your Family Day this year, why not make the trip to Ottawa for Winterlude? Winterlude, the Capital’s winter celebration, is held in Ottawa–Gatineau each February. It was created in to celebrate Canada’s unique northern climate and culture. The 39th annual Winterlude celebration takes place from February 3-20, 2017. Check out some of the awesome activities at last year’s festival:

While you take part in ice carving, skating, and other exciting outdoor activities, make sure you stay warm with our best selection of outerwear for Winterlude!

For men, fashion and function meet in the middle with this selection of jackets from our top winter brands. We compared men’s bomber jackets at the end of last year, and any of these down options would suit a day at Winterlude. What really sets this selection apart is the abundance of unique colours – gone is the fleet of basic black! We love the beautiful green Moose Knuckles 3Q, and the deep burgundy Fjallraven Polar Guide. These jackets are perfect for sipping a hot chocolate while your kids play in the snow, or going for a leisurely skate down the Canal!

For the ladies, long coats take the cake; they’re the best way to stay warm while you play in the snow! Beautiful fur trims make these coats fashionable and toasty warm, and we love the different silhouettes available this season. The Parajumpers Long Bear is a long time favourite – you can learn more about the brand here. We also can’t get enough of the gorgeous colours available from Mackage – jewel tones are the perfect boost on a gloomy winter day. Be sure to layer up underneath your coat in order to stay warm while you enjoy the festival!

Find all of your Winterlude necessities at our Lansdowne Park location!

125 Marche Way, Ottawa ON, K1S 5J3
Tel: 613-216-6000

Monday to Friday – 10:00 am to 9:00 pm
Saturday – 9:00 am to 9:00 pm
Sunday – 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

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Mountain Gear: Essential Ski Accessories


Beginner and expert skiiers all have the same needs: excellent equipment! No matter your skill level, it is important to be properly outfitted before taking off down the mountain. Aside from the obvious (skis, boots, and warm clothing!), there are three necessities that every skiier needs to maximize safety and control: helmets, goggles and ski poles. Reach your highest level of performance on the slopes with the perfect ski accessories!


One of the most important pieces of equipment to bring with you on the mountain is a helmet! No matter your skill level, a helmet is a must for mountain sports; everyone takes a tumble at some point, and protecting your head is a top priority.

You may see a yellow circle that says “MIPS” on your helmet – this stands for “Multidirectional Impact Protection System.” MIPS is a technology that has been tested by leading researchers and brain surgeons to ensure that your head is properly protected upon impact. When you fall, your head hits the ground at an angle, creating a rotational force that strains your brain. MIPS helmets absorb more of the rotational violence caused by this kind of impact, which better protects your brain than helmets without MIPS!

Find the best fit for you along with full-coverage protection, individual style and breathability.


You’ll have the best view from the top with the perfect pair of goggles. Whether you’re looking for a fog-free design, enhanced peripheral view or the best ergonomic fit, we have a variety of choices from the best brands on the market. One of the best technologies on the market is Prizm by Oakley. Prizm is based on decades of colour technology research; colors precisely tuned to maximize contrast and enhance visibility allow you to see every bump and texture on the mountain.

Looking for added ease? Try a pair of Anon goggles with a facemask! Magnets around the nose piece keep a lightweight mask over your nose and mouth, maximizing warmth and breathability.


Whether you need a bit of a push, a help with a turn or a little something to keep your rhythm, ski poles can be one of the most versatile tools on the hill! Ski poles allow you to remain balanced and controlled while skiing, offer a powerful boost when losing speed on a flat part of the hill, or provide added support if you fall over and need assistance getting back up.

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Panorama Resort Ski & Stay Special

833 x 470 - Panorama[2]

Located just 3.5 hours outside of Calgary, Panorama offers one of the easiest mountain resort vacations you’ll ever experience.

Live your Sporting Life on nearly 3,000 massive acres of terrain across 4,019 vertical feet of fall line perfection. Glide down endless, meandering, corduroy cruisers, or watch future Olympians rip down meticulously manicured race courses. Unleash the hotshot in you and tackle the freshly gladed, powdery paradise of Taynton Bowl. There’s the view of a thousand peaks with iconic Mount Nelson standing tall over the intimate, inviting village. There’s nothing to remind you that there’s a world out there. And in every direction, simply inspiring vistas to wonder at and enjoy.

The best part of this: when you’ve had your fill of fun on the slopes, just ski to your door and relax. Frosty glasses and tale-telling at The T-Bar & Grill. The oohs and aahs in Canada’s largest slopeside hot pools, right next to your ski-to-the-door lodging. Want some cross country skiing? Down the lane. Latte? Down the sidewalk. Pizza? Down the gondola. Everything is right there!

Want more? Check out the Top 10 Reasons to Visit Panorama.

We are excited to offer a Ski & Stay Special in partnership with Panorama Resort!

– Save 25% off condo lodging and 25% off lift tickets on a stay of 4 nights or more.
– Save 15% off condo lodging and 25% off lift tickets on a stay of 2 nights or more.

Click here to book your stay!



– Ski in/Ski out accommodations
– Free exclusive use of the Panorama Springs Pools.
– A wide variety condominium units that all come with a living room and full kitchen.


January 23 to February 16, 2017.
February 20 to April 16, 2017.


Promotion subject to change, availability and cancellation without notice. Minimum 4 night stay required to get the 25% off saving or a minimum 2 night stay required to get the 15% off saving. Minimum lift ticket purchase of 2 adults for 2 days each. Package may be extended. Please do not forget to add your lift tickets during the online booking process.

See web for full details.

Panorama e-mail - 3

Panorama e-mail - 2



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A Guide to Custom Boot Fitting

Your ski boots provide control, steering, balance and comfort. With each of these, you’ll be skiing as effectively as you possibly can! Our in-store custom boot fitting services are perfect for skiers of any level, whether this is your first or fifth pair of boots.

When a ski boot doesn’t fit properly or the shape isn’t quite right, your foot loses its battle against the boot. Our boot-fitting expert Cam compares custom boot fitting to finding the fourth leg for a 3-legged table – the goal is stability!

We’ve laid out a few common problems associated with ill-fitting ski boots. Our boot fitting technicians would be happy to sit down with you and address any issues you may have, whether they are listed here or not. Visit your nearest Sporting Life and find the perfect fit!

boot fitting wall
boot fitting
Bone Spurs

Bone spurs are the result of your foot banging against the shell time and time again, causing grievances to your foot. The body builds up calcium in that area as a natural band-aid, but this can cause long term pain.

To relieve the tenderness associated with bone spurs, our technicians will often dremmel out a small crevice in the shell, and pad the area around the spur. We will also ensure that you have a properly made footbed to reduce rubbing on the spur.

Cold Feet

There are a variety of reasons that your feet could be cold while skiing…the biggest misconception is that cold feet come from a boot that touches your toes. In fact, if your toe isn’t touching the boot, there is dead air space in the boot which will reduce the overall temperature.

The best way to prevent cold feet is clean, dry socks. ONE PAIR ONLY! Two pairs of socks interferes with a proper fit, which is the best way to keep warm. Instead of choosing a chunky, padded sock that won’t wick away moisture, choose a thin sock that keeps your boot fitting properly.

Another way to keep your feet warm in your ski boot is with a heater. Heated socks and liners come in many different styles which suit different styles of skier. While a ski racer may prefer a streamlined heated sock – such as a pair by Lenz with Bluetooth capabilities- any skier would fare well with the Conformable Pro Set Remote Foot-Warming System. It may ring in at a higher price point, but your toes will thank you after a full day on the mountain!

Shin Bang

“Shin bang” is exactly that – a bruise on the shin due to banging against the boot! The most common problem is that the boot is too big, and that pressure is not evenly distributed on the leg as the boot flexes. This can also be due to a lack of proper footbed – the angle of the leg changes, causing the shin to bang against the boot.

Aside from selecting a boot in the correct size, a booster strap can often fix the problem of shin bang. This dynamic power strap replaces the existing strap on your ski boot. Not only will a booster strap prevent your shin from banging against the front of your boot, but it will also lead to better ski performance & control and better shock absorption within the boot.

Toes Falling Asleep

If your toes are falling asleep, that means your boots are too tight, right? Not necessarily!

While our technicians will check the toe box to ensure that your toes aren’t being squeezed, the typical cause of toes falling asleep is an improper footbed. With an ill-fitting foot bed, the foot’s circulation is being cut off in an area where you may not feel it (i.e. inside the ankle or near your arch).

A proper footbed is key to a well-fitted boot. Our technicians will remove your sock and measure both of your feet while sitting and standing. This will ensure that your footbed allows for the collapse of your foot arch as your ankle bends. Our go-to brand of insole is Superfeet; these insoles are low volume, thinner, and are perfect for someone skiing less than 100 days a year.

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It’s Snow Time!

It's Snow Time! Ski Tuning Services

Since 1979, we have lived and breathed the Canadian winter. We are proud to be your one-stop shop for all things winter!

Gear up for a day of family fun on the slopes and stay warm and safe while you’re at it. Shop our checklist so you don’t miss a beat this winter season…It’s Snow Time! Visit any of our stores to shop exclusive deals from your favourite winter brands.


We’ve tuned for the pros, and we’d love to tune for you! Our staff have learned from the best when it comes to the art of tuning – have you read our blog post on tuning skis in Saas-Fee, Switzerland? Each of our locations boasts top of the line Wintersteiger machines, guaranteed to send you to the slopes in peak form.





Since Snow Time is here…from January 10 until January 23, 2017, buy one ski or snowboard tune-up and get the second 50% off!

Want to learn more? Watch the video below, featuring our Collingwood shop expert Bill, or visit our website to learn about the specifics of each store’s tuning machines.

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3 Must-Have Winter Accessories


Staying warm is priority #1 during Canadian winters. Once you’ve found the right coat and layering system for your lifestyle, accessories are the next step! It is crucial to keep your head, ears and fingers warm in order to have a happy and healthy winter season. We’ve rounded up the three winter accessories you need to amp up your style in the new year. Look no further for fashion & function; with a fur pom hat, earmuffs or texting gloves, you will be ready for outdoor activities AND city living!

Keep scrolling to see our picks, or shop all winter accessories on our website.

We also think that these would make excellent stocking stuffers this Christmas… (last minute shoppers, take note!) You can find other great last minute gift ideas in our under $50 gift guide!

Fur Pom Hats

Who doesn’t love a fun pom-pom? Whether real or faux, the fur pom is everywhere this season. We love a classic cableknit beanie with a big floppy pom, but there are plenty of variations available for every style and budget.


Easily paired with a ponytail, a cozy hood, or on their own, earmuffs are the perfect accessory for your winter wardrobe. Shearling and fur are sure to keep your ears toasty warm, and fleecy, sportier options are available to add to your winter running arsenal.

Texting Gloves

Texting gloves are necessary for the woman on-the-go in winter. Change the song on your winter run, snap a selfie in the snow, or text your friend “Happy Holidays”; These gloves were made to keep you connected and frostbite-free!

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Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts Under $50


Get gifting for the entire family! From ski essentials to outdoor apparel, athleticwear to footwear, classic gifts to the newest and greatest, we’ve got you covered from top to bottom of your list this Holiday season.

Our buyers have rounded up the best gifts for every budget; today we are sharing some of our favourite picks under $50. This price point is perfect for those last minute gifts you need to check off your list. Check out the gift guide for layering necessities, the best stocking stuffers, and gear for the superfan in your life (whether they’re Darkside or Resistance).

Shop for him or for her, and find more great gifts for everyone else at Sporting Life.


1. Columbia Glacial™ Fleece III 1/2 Zip, $45
2. V Fraas Solid Cashmink Scarf, $19.99
3. Smartwool PhD Check Ski Sock, $32
4. GiftCraft Holiday Red Deer Pillow, $40
5. Hudson’s Bay Co. Double Wall Travel Mug, $24
6. Orage Cultus T-Shirt, $35
7. Rella Oversized Pom Beanie, $45
8. Smith Electra Snow Goggle, $49.99


1. Herschel Supply Chapter Dopp Kit, $34.99
2. Princeton Tec Helix Backcountry Lamp, $44.99
3. Hudson’s Bay Co. Ribbed Wool-Blend Scarf, $40
4. Patagonia Live Simply® Mornings T-Shirt, $39
5. Stance Force Sock, $29
6. Herschel Supply Abbott Beanie, $22
7. adidas Originals Jersey Logo Long Sleeve T-Shirt, $45
8. Smith Electra Snow Goggle, $49.99

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