ECO Style: Patagonia

This Spring, shop our selection of environmentally friendly products from Patagonia.  Patagonia is committed to building the best product while causing no unnecessary harm and using business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis. Now more than ever, it is important to consider our environment when choosing our clothing. We are proud to offer a variety of Patagonia products that are bluesign approved, fair trade certified and made with traceable down.

Reasons to Love Patagonia
  1. Eco-friendly brand
  2. Producers of numerous award winning pieces
  3. Gives back to many charitable initiatives to protect our planet
Why We Believe in Patagonia

Bluesign Approved
In 2007, Patagonia became the first brand to officially join the network of bluesign system partners. Patagonia employs methods and materials in their manufacture that conserve resources and minimize impacts on people and the environment. The bluesign system is the solution for sustainable textile production. It eliminates harmful substances right from the beginning of the manufacturing process and sets and controls standards for an environmentally friendly and safe production. Learn more about the bluesign system here.

Fair Trade Certified
Patagonia is out to change the industry. Fair Trade is a tool used by Patagonia to raise workers’ wages, improve their standard of living and move them closer to earning a living wage. A premium is paid for every Fair Trade Certified item that carries Patagonia. That extra money goes directly to the workers at that factory, and they decide how to spend it. The program also promotes worker health and safety and social and environmental compliance, and encourages dialog between workers and management.

Traceable Down Standard
Patagonia down products contain only Traceable Down. This means that the company traces the source of down from parent farm to apparel factory to help ensure that birds are not force-fed or live-plucked. The Traceable Down Standard provides the highest assurance of animal welfare in the apparel industry.

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Spring New Arrivals From Canada Goose

Featured: Women’s Campden Jacket

Spring is practically here; time to upgrade your outerwear wardrobe! Canada Goose is back for S18 with a new line of streamlined, technical jackets to keep you comfortable and dry through whatever weather comes your way.

New takes on tried & true silhouettes in classic black, soft neutrals and muted jewel tones make up a collection that is sure to bring the wow-factor this spring. Never sacrifice warmth or style with Canada Goose.

Featured: Women’s Portage Jacket
Women’s Brossard Jacket

The Brossard from Canada Goose is a slim fit, thigh length jacket that is adjustable and rugged for wind protection. This streamlined style features an adjustable hood that is reinforced to keep you comfortable in various weather conditions, as well as drawcords at the hem, waist and hood to create the perfect fit.

Men’s River Head Jacket

The River Head Jacket from Canada Goose is a fully seam sealed, waterproof rain shell with functional details and a streamlined silhouette. Wear it as a stand-alone piece on milder days or as part of a layering system when temperatures start to drop. Notable features include underarm and back venting, adjustable snap button cuffs and an interior drawcord at the hemline.

Women’s Campden Jacket

Styled with a relaxed silhouette, the Campden from Canada Goose is an ultra-lightweight jacket filled with warm down insulation and a water resistant shell. Minimal details, including the concealed front zip closure and flat welt handwarmer pockets, offer a streamlined look that moves from work to weekend with ease. A signature logo patch accents the upper left sleeve.

Men’s Cabri Hoody Jacket

The Cabri is a streamlined hoodie for ultra-lightweight warmth and versatility in transitional weather. This bomber-style design from Canada Goose features strategically placed down molds to your body for warmth without additional bulk and three layer stretch fabric at inner elbows adds natural movement and breathability.

Women’s Dore Hoody Jacket


This streamlined bomber-length jacket with strategically placed down-fill molds to your body for ultra-lightweight warmth. The Dore Hoodie from Canada Goose presents ultra-lightweight fill and construction, which means it packs down easily for versatility in unpredictable weather. Stretch rib knit cuffs with thumb loops help sleeves stay put and make layering easy for versatile wear in various weather conditions.


Featured: Men’s Voyageur Jacket


Men’s Voyageur Jacket

Patch flap pockets and simplistic details combine to achieve modern, military-inspired style in the Voyager Jacket from Canada Goose. This lightweight shell protects from rain and wind, featuring a removable zip hood, adjustable snap cuffs and interior drawstring waist, concealed two-way front zip closure and a signature logo patch at the upper left sleeve.

Women’s Wolfville Jacket

Built for maximum protection, the Wolfville Jacket from Canada Goose is a fully seam sealed, waterproof rain shell with functional details and a streamlined silhouette. Wear it as a stand-alone piece on milder days or as part of a layering system when temperatures start to drop. Notable features include underarm and back venting, adjustable snap button cuffs and multiple pockets for maximum storage.

Men’s Harbour Jacket

The Harbour Jacket from Canada Goose is a waterproof, breathable rain shell with functional details and a streamlined silhouette. Wear it as a stand-alone piece on milder days or as part of a layering system when temperatures start to drop. Notable features include underarm and side venting, adjustable scalloped edge cuffs and an interior drawcord at the hemline.


Women’s Portage Jacket

Patch flap pockets and simplistic details combine to achieve modern, military-inspired style in the Portage Jacket from Canada Goose. This knee-length shell protects from rain and wind, featuring a removable zip hood, adjustable snap cuffs and interior drawstring waist, concealed two-way front zip closure and a signature logo patch at the upper left sleeve.

Men’s Faber Bomber Jacket

A lighter take on the Chilliwack Bomber in rugged Dura-Force fabric for durable wind protection, the Faber is perfect for transitional wear. This classic style from Canada Goose features double reinforced elbows, mesh venting at the upper back and sleek ribbed knit trims.

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Our Norwegian Adventure With Norrona

This May, we were asked to visit Oslo, Norway where we would get the chance to learn about Norrona as a company and a manufacturer of goods that is new to Sporting Life. The plan was to start at Norrona headquarters, then proceed to live the life of a Norwegian in the fjords at the incredible High Camp Turtagro.

We flew out of Toronto Pearson Airport at 7pm, arrived at London Heathrow at 8am, and made a beeline to catch our next plane. We hopped on Scandinavian Air into Oslo, where we had the opportunity to take in the city. This city is one that no one should miss in their lifetime. It is a beautiful city that pairs old with new – stunning architecture surrounded by modern Norwegians riding bikes and living a healthy lifestyle. Not to mention the incredible food!

We met up with the Norrona gang and our rep Frode, who we lovingly call Thor (take a look at these photos and tell us you don’t agree!) We sat down to an excellent dinner before starting the next day’s adventures. The next morning, Frode picked us up from the hotel and we drove the 45 minutes to Lysaker – Norrona’s headquarters. The closest thing we can compare the vibe to is Muskoka – headquarters is surrounded by rocks, trees, evergreens, and a stunning waterfall. Getting into the adventurous Norwegian spirit, we climbed the rocks around the waterfall – because that’s just a normal day for a Norwegian. We so admire how they live and breathe the outdoors.

A tour of the Norrona facilities quickly revealed that their work environment is very unlike ours in Canada. The building is minimalist, but the culture is that of people who wholeheartedly believe in the brand. The office is made up of large rooms where all divisions work separately, but at lunch they all come together as a community. Jorn Jorgensen, the grandson of the founder of Norrona, mixes in and engages with the staff. He holds true to the values of the brand. The employees are there for each other as a team; the product is born from the outdoors, made for the outdoors by people who spend their lives outdoors. They build great quality product that is tested by tried and true outdoorsmen.

Norrona is the epitome of authenticity.

We saw the showroom; product from Winter 18 and beyond; Norrona testing facilities; colour swatches and patterns. Everything you could possibly learn about the brand is right there at your fingertips.

After our eye opening tour, it was time to pack up and go on our adventure. We loaded up the van and drove 6 hours outside of Oslo into the mountains. It is quite the trip to go from a beautiful summer climate to full on winter. On the drive to High Camp, we bonded with our Norwegian guides and learned that Norwegian culture is full of passion. Passion for activity, music, family, health. We shared music that means something to each of us, and shared stories and chats that we will remember for a lifetime.

As you get higher into the mountains, you hit a snow beltline where the snow walls get higher and higher. You suddenly realize how high up you are; completely away from all civilization. Our destination is only inhabited by 300 people, but the event we were attending brings people from all over the world. People camp on the roadside, put their skis on, and go!

We arrived at our basecamp for the next 3 days, from which we would skin 2100 vertical feet up the mountain. Then…we ski! We met people from all over the world; guests of Norrona, as well as people who signed up to experience the wonderment that the mountains provide. We were placed in classes based on ability, and each day we would gear up in our touring equipment, skin up the mountain, and ski back down.

This is where the need for properly fitted equipment becomes clear. The mountains leave no room for ill fitting equipment or improper layers. If you plan on hitting the slopes in any capacity, be prepared! In our case, there would be pressure on our feet, high altitude, and physical exertion. Our boots had to fit properly and our skis had to be freshly tuned.

When packing clothing for touring, remember one thing and one thing only: LAYERS. The weather can change drastically from the bottom to the top of the mountain, and the sun is no joke.

Norrona features lines- or “concepts”- named after some of the most beautiful Norwegian locations.

For example, the Lofoten island chain is famous for its beauty and harsh contrasting weathers, and its extreme elements represent the heart & soul of Norway’s outdoor life. The Lofoten concept was launched in 2004 and took freeride skiing in a radical new direction. This line is technical, durable, and practical – design and quality come first! Bright coloured Gore-Tex jackets and baggy ski pants will help you stand out on the slopes and enhance any mountain experience. The Lofoten Gore-Tex Jacket (available for both men and women) offers breathable, versatile protection on the mountain. The women’s jacket is the brand’s warmest waterproof freeride jacket. Featuring PrimaLoft® Sport insulation, this season offers a more light weight jacket with a quieter face fabric, improved hood, and no underarm zipper for a softer, lighter and more compressible insulated jacket. The men’s jacket offers all the critical details you need for demanding conditions. It is light and highly breathable with superior ventilation, and weather-protective with a high level of comfort.

Looking for something a little more versatile? Falketind has got you covered: this line is made to function 365 days a year. Falketind is Norway’s most beautiful peak. While it appears inaccessible, the mountain in fact offers varied activities all year round. The outerwear line modelled after the mountain is equally as versatile. The men’s warm1 zip hoodie features a high warmth-to-weight ratio and quick drying properties. Wear it as a mid-layer or instead of a jacket without compromising on insulation and breathability. The unique construction of this fleece is perfect for different types of activities and changing weather conditions, as it traps warm air without inhibiting moisture transport.

The beauty of this experience was seeing nothing but passion for the outdoors. Despite our groupings based on ability, no one minded whether you were a professional skiier or a first timer at touring. We met extreme skiers who were happy to be present in the outdoors with likeminded individuals.

Our trip brought all kinds of unexpected twists and turns – early morning wake-ups, injuries, a rock concert, friends from the UK and all over the world! We also got to learn what Norrona is all about – celebrating nature and living among it. After spending a week with our friends at Norrona, we truly got the sense that when they make their product, they make it because they understand the details the garments need to have for you to be able to perform your activity. Norrona is passionate about not cutting corners, using the best materials, and being limited; these products are far from mass produced. The culture of the staff is inspiring to say the least; our Norwegian friends are phenomenal and work as a team. They have a mutual desire for the success of the company because they believe in it.

Coming back after 2 days of touring and 3 nights, it was a quiet drive home. Not only because we didn’t want to leave this beautiful place, but because of the people. The individuals we encountered on our journey were such happy people and loved being with other people.

After experiencing a scenic country with oceans, rivers, fjords, mountains, great food and even better people…we can’t wait to go back.

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All About the Canada Goose Thermal Experience Index (TEI)

Canada Goose is known for making some of the warmest jackets on the market – the selection is so expansive, how is one supposed to choose? That’s where the Thermal Experience Index (TEI) comes in. Learn more about what TEI means and how it can help you find the warmth you want for the experience you seek.

“Lightweight for active pursuits.”
Not ideal for the kind of weather we’ve been having lately, but a TEI 1 coat has its time and place. A lightweight Hybridge Lite jacket is the perfect layering piece for spring, fall, chilly summer nights and mild winter days. Winter jogging, cross country skiing
“Ultimate in core warmth, comfort and versatility.”
All you need for a typical Canadian winter day, TEI 2 styles will keep you warm during almost any winter activity. Put a shell on top and you have the perfect storm of waterproof insulation!
“Fundamental warmth fashioned for everyday use.”
TEI 3 is evidently the most popular warmth for a Canada Goose coat. Heavier fabrics and increased down allow these coats to handle colder, harsher climates. Bonus points for coats like the Kensington, which feature interior shoulder straps to make for easy carrying when temperatures change quickly.
“Inspired by the Arctic and made for enduring daily warmth.”
For long hours spent outside in less than ideal temperatures. TEI 4 coats are perfect for both harsh winter winds and city elements, but still feature sleek silhouettes to maintain a cool (more like warm) look.
“Field-tested for the coldest places on earth.”
We’re looking at you, Winnipeg. Don’t let the coldest days of winter keep you indoors! Get outside and live your Sporting Life, but stay safe with a TEI 5 coat.


It’s important to remember that everybody experiences temperature differently and the designations above are guidelines only. They’re intended to help you select the right Canada Goose jacket for your particular need.
When applying our TEI rating, please consider if you are a person who is typically cold, or warm, or very warm normally, and combine that with how you layer your clothing, your level of hydration, amount of sleep and level of activity to determine if this temperature rating would apply to you.

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The Warmest Coats For the Coldest Weather

Canadians may be used to freezing cold winters, but sometimes it takes a -20° day to remind you of the importance of a good winter coat. For days like these, we’ve rounded up 5 of our favourite warm winter coats. These pieces are sure to keep your core toasty warm without overheating (for when you have no choice but to leave the comfort of your home).

Canada Goose Langford Parka
The Langford is slightly longer than some of its similar Canada Goose counterparts; this allows for greater warmth with more leg protection. With a storm flap over the centre front zipper and two interior pockets, the Langford offers clean lines and a modern look – all in an uncompromisingly protective parka. This parka is water repellent and is rated TEI 4 (-15 to -25 degrees).

Fjallraven Singi Down Jacket
The Women’s Singi Down Jacket from Fjallraven is a warm and durable down jacket with a traditional, long cut. This jacket features a technical tunnel hood with faux fur and a drawcord adjustment at the waist and hem. Paired with a feminine cut and slim fit, there’s no need to sacrifice your silhouette for absolute warmth!

Arc’teryx Therme Coat
The Arc’teryx Therme Coat uses a combination of synthetic and down insulation in partnership with a waterproof/windproof GORE-TEX® outer. The result is a stylish waterproof/windproof outer parka shell perfect for cold winter days. Fully taped seams allow for extreme waterproof protection, while an insulated hood and chin guard will keep your face safe from the cold.

Canada Goose Mystique Parka
What could be warmer than a full-length down parka? Popular on chilly film sets and city streets alike, the Canada Goose Mystique Parka offers maximum protection in harsh environments. This TEI 5 rated (-30 degrees and below) coat offers even heat distribution without adding excessive bulk, while interior backpack straps allow you to carry your parka around once you’ve made it safely indoors.

Columbia Sundial Peak Jacket
Described as a “military-inspired suit of armor for battling frigid temps”, the Sundial Peak Jacket is made of a heat-packing combination of down insulation and Omni-Heat thermal reflective lining. This jacket is fully seam sealed and waterproof, so feel free to safely play all day in the snow. Don’t forget about the detachable faux fur trim, adjustable drawcord hem, and removable hood – this coat is fully customizable to suit any range of cold winter days!



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Brand Spotlight: Woolrich John Rich & Bros

Featured: Women’s Teton Parka

As a part of the historical Woolrich family stemming back to the early 19th century, the Woolrich John Rich & Bros line presents classic American fashion but with a twist of modern style. The company has come a long way since John Rich II first opened the Woolrich Woolen Mills in Pennsylvania nearly two centuries ago. After decades of catering to the outdoor lifestyle of the average blue-collar citizen, John Rich & Bros (JRB) helps to breathe new life into a remarkable heritage brand where practicality meets style. With a focus on adding a touch of sophistication to the style of daily life, the brand still manages to maintain the defining aspects of the Woolrich identity that was first created for American pioneers.

via Woolrich.

We can’t be the only ones who love Buffalo Check for fall – did you know that Woolrich was the first to release this iconic print? Introduced to the collection in 1850, Buffalo Check has become a worldwide staple for a heritage look. Legend has it that the designer of this fabric owned a herd of buffalo, so he named the fabric after his beloved herd. When worn with the matching printed pant, a “Pennsylvania Tracksuit” is born – this just might rival the denim on denim “Canadian Tuxedo!”

Another quintessential style from JRB is the Arctic Parka, which was designed and produced in the early 1970s. Created to outfit workers constructing the Alaska pipeline, this down-insulated parka remains a staple of the modern collection.

Having recently celebrated their 185th anniversary, Woolrich John Rich & Bros is a brand that seems to be getting better with age. As a true lover of fashion paired with function, Sporting Life is proud to provide a home for heritage pieces that stand the test of time.

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Brand Spotlight: Icebreaker

“A chance meeting with a merino sheep farmer had sparked something inside me, a passion. From that moment on I was hooked on the possibilities of natural solutions to technical apparel.”Jeremy Moon, Founder of Icebreaker

Founded in New Zealand in 1995, Icebreaker immediately emerged as a force to be reckoned with in the outdoor apparel world. While all other performance clothing was manufactured with synthetic fabrics, Icebreaker was a breath of fresh air: the company was (and is) committed to working with nature to develop a new kind of outdoor performance apparel.

It seems so simple. Merino sheep manage to thrive through the coldest winters and the hottest summers; why couldn’t that principle be applied to outdoor clothing?

“Whereas most companies start with the fabric, we start with the fiber.”
Pictured: Vertex Flurry Top, Vertex Flurry Legging

Created from natural, raw, super fine merino wool, Icebreaker apparel is biodegradable, annually renewable, ethically sourced and 100% made from nature. The brand contracts directly from the best wool-growers and shares their commitment to nurture and respect the land and animals. The company only uses what they need; the raw fiber is consciously transformed into fabric in a way that minimizes energy and water usage. Reducing the environmental impact is of the utmost importance!

Icebreaker remains a “merino pioneer” – they were the first to see the potential of this natural material that was capable of outperforming synthetics and plastics. Learn more about why they choose merino here.

Icebreaker only ever designs products that serve a purpose. Whether it’s keeping people warm or making them comfortable, Icebreaker creates products that people actually want and that are made to last.

We don’t know about you, but ethically sourced activewear that lives up to its promise of performance sounds like a dream come true.

We are fans in particular of 3 of Icebreaker’s design innovations: BodyfitZONE, Cool-lite, and MerinoLOFT. Layered up, these make for the perfect storm of performance apparel.

  • BodyfitZONE – an innovative technology that uses fine merino yarns blended with Lycra to bring natural warmth and body fit to enhance muscular performance and recovery. Strategically placed zone mesh panels create natural thermal dumping zones for optimal temperature regulation, breathability and next-to-skin softness.
  • Cool-lite – combines merino with Tencel, a natural fiber sourced from sustainable eucalyptus, that helps heat dumping and wicking to enhance cooling in the heat of the day. The merino component resists odor, breathes and regulates temperature when it turns cooler.
  • MerinoLOFT – a natural, intelligent alternative to synthetic insulation and duck down – MerinoLOFT is a machine-washable, wool blend, that provides highly breathable, super lightweight insulation even when wet.

Sporting Life and Icebreaker have teamed up to send you and your family to New Zealand – experience nature at its best! Learn more and sign up here, or visit us in store to fill out a ballot.

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Brand Spotlight: Parajumpers

Parajumpers designer Massimo Rossetti has successfully built one of the world’s leading outerwear brands. The first collection from Parajumpers had only 3 garments each for men and women, and the brand continues to succeed with a handful of immaculately designed pieces.

In a taped interview, Rossetti provides a glimpse into his creative mind. This intriguing designer finds inspiration in the seemingly most unlikely of places. The huge pocket found on many PJs styles was inspired by a research trip to Alaska; Rossetti saw a fireman’s jacket that had a pocket large enough to fit a helmet. This new and different design is one of many that sets Parajumpers apart.

The ultimate form of inspiration for Rossetti came from a chance meeting with a Parajumper. Parajumpers are a small group of people who train twice as hard as Navy Seals, however they are trained to save and not to kill. These heroes intervene all over the world and have been on thousands of operations that are unknown to most people. When Rossetti was asked to bring forward new ideas, it is clear that he needed to look no further than the image of a Parajumper. Rossetti’s designs are largely influenced by a backpack with nylon, zips and hooks, and now all PJs styles are full of such hardware. The signature hook on all jackets comes from a quick release parachutist hook, which has contributed to the creation of the Parajumpers image.

The original PJs collection consisted of identical jackets made of one fabric in four colours for men and women. These first styles were the Gobi, Kodiak and Denali. The Gobi features a two way zip that opens at the top and bottom. The bright yellow tab serves as a nod to Parajumpers, as yellow is a signal to find a person in a difficult situation. The jacket also includes an iPod pocket, cell phone pocket, and cargo pocket for whatever the wearer wishes to store. The men’s and women’s styles are nearly identical, with the exception of a removable interior in the men’s jacket.

In Rossetti’s own words; “we are a guiding light.” Parajumpers has proven itself to be an innovative and functional brand, and we can’t wait to see what new designs Rossetti has up his sleeve. We highly suggest watching the video clip below in which Rossetti details this brand history in his own words, and keep scrolling to browse the PJs styles that Sporting Life has to offer.

We are pleased to offer exciting new styles for fall – these lightweight, insulated jackets and vests are the ideal pairing of fashion and function. Shop fresh new jackets along with our favourite classic styles below.

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Wax On, Wax Off: The Barbour Wax Jacket

When it comes to heritage and fashion forward brands, there is nothing quite like Barbour. Founded in England in 1894, Barbour continues to produce quality apparel for men and women. One of our favourite pieces from Barbour- and one of their most famed- is the wax jacket. Designed to protect the wearer from the elements, the history of this iconic piece proves that it will last a lifetime.

The wax jacket’s history begins in 1910 with Uncle Harry’s coat. This coat was a double breasted outdoor coat that protected the wearer against foul weather. This coat has been passed down from generation to generation and still resides within the Barbour family. From a completely weatherproof wax cape in the 1920s to a motorcycle all-in-one suit in 1936, wax has made a name for itself in every Barbour collection. With a history in police and motorcycle wear, the wax jacket is designed to perform.

bedale-1980One of Barbour’s signature and most popular jackets, the Bedale, was introduced in 1980. This jacket is lightweight and short in length, and was designed by Chairman Dame Margaret Barbour as an equestrian jacket. This short length was perfect for riding, making it the ideal country coat! This jacket serves as the transition piece between countrywear and city style: this jacket paved the way for Barbour to become a fashion statement in an urban setting.

Barbour’s signature elements can be found in many wax jackets: 100% weatherproof, big bellow pockets, a large pull ring, two way zip and a corduroy collar. Today, waxed jackets are available in a range of styles and finishes from heavy and tough to antique and distressed. The wax jacket is perfectly described by Barbour themselves: “[the] wax jacket…is now as comfortable in the urban jungle as it is in the country.”

Shop all Barbour jackets at Sporting Life, or see some of our waxed favourites below.



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Comparing Canada Goose: Langford vs. Emory

  • Fit: Slim
  • Retail: $925
  • Length: Mid thigh, 35″ centre back
  • Fill: 625 fill power white duck down
  • TEI 4
  • Removable coyote fur ruff
  • Non removable adjustable hood
  • Adjust fit with interior waist drawcord
  • Maximum storage with big front pockets, and extra storage space with interior security pocket
  • Available in Fusion Fit & Black Label
  • Available colours: Black, Navy, Graphite, Military Green, Admiral Blue, Charred Wood (coming soon), Limestone (coming soon)
  • Fit: Slim
  • Retail: $950
  • Length: Hip, 35.5″ centre back
  • Fill: 625 fill power white duck down
  • TEI 4
  • Introduced to Canada Goose line in 2016
  • Removable coyote fur ruff
  • Non removable adjustable hood
  • Maximum storage with big front pockets with top & side access; extra storage space with interior security pocket
  • Available in Black Label
  • Hideaway snow skirt
  • Available colours: Black, Graphite, Admiral Blue, Navy (coming soon)


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